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Crafting Unforgettable Moments

Every wedding tells a story, a tale of love, unity, and dreams coming to fruition. At Limelight Table Affairs, we understand the gravity of these moments and aspire to transform them into memories that will last a lifetime.

When two hearts join together in matrimony, every detail should echo the splendor of the occasion. Dive deep into our curated collection of luxury tabletop rentals—featuring bespoke charger plates, exquisite dinnerware, gleaming cutlery, and plush napkins. Every piece we offer promises not just superior quality but an emblem of grandeur, ensuring your wedding shines with unparalleled elegance.

Design Beyond Decor

Weddings are about experiences, emotions, and atmospheres. Our complete tablescape designs move beyond mere decor. Every tablescape is an artist's canvas, where we meticulously place each element, from florals to stationery, painting a scene of luxury that resonates with your love story.

Fresh Floral Flourishes

Flowers are the poetry of weddings, articulating sentiments words often can't. Our vibrant floral arrangements, freshly sourced, are designed to intertwine with your wedding theme—adding layers of natural elegance and romance.

Wedding decor

Work With Limelight Table Affairs

Our commitment to you goes beyond rentals. We offer an end-to-end experience—meticulous delivery, setup to perfection, and post-event removal. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring every facet of your wedding is nothing short of perfection.

Weddings are the threshold to forever. As you step across, let Limelight Table Affairs be the backdrop to your new beginning. Celebrate love, unity, and dreams with us, and together, we'll craft a day as timeless as your love story.

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